Becoming Too Serious?

Yes, I am a bit aggressive in bloghopping these days, commenting on blog posts, and of course, updating my blog! He. He. He. Sometimes it just drains me out but I guess that is what a serious blogger does. =P

But I think I’m going overboard – lack of sleep, lack of food intake, lack of exercise – this isn’t healthy anymore! LOL! But somehow, I like it. I love the feeling of being hooked up with my blog again, and doing some researches on the internet on how to build more traffic.

Actually, I lost weight. Maybe one of the reason was the D&C but I guess the main reason why I’m losing awfully a lot of weight is that I don’t get to eat dinner anymore, due to some marital problems, and that I don’t get enough sleep anymore due to being too addicted with my blogging.

Somehow, I think I’m becoming too serious about my blog. Am I sick? Is this a disorder of some sort? Anyways, I was surfing for blog addict images on Google, and stumbled upon a rather interesting blog that actually made me feel that I am indeed a blog addict. >_< I even wanted to buy the mug that the blogger was advertising! HELP!

*Sigh* I guess I’m off to bed now… Wait! Maybe later. I still want to blog about other things. (Eeek! I am TOO SERIOUS!)

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