Babysitter, Maid, House Help : Good or Bad?

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Having a babysitter or maid is not really a must for every moms especially if you are available in taking care of your kiddo, but what if you are a working mom, your husband works as well, and your parents are also busy attending to the family’s business? You have no sibling that is willing to help you, or you have no sibling at all? Would you have other choices but to get one? :-?

If you choose to get a babysitter, then I’m guessing that’s your only option then. But what are the pros and cons of having one around the house, let alone taking care of your beloved baby?

Maybe you can also help me list down some pros and cons here, I’ll start:


1. You are the boss
If you are a mere employee in your work, at home, you command the babysitter / maid on her daily chores. You get to tell her what must be done and must not be done. You look over all her moves, her actions, her thoughts. You get to rule out everything for your baby and you have the right to get mad when she has done something wrong that would potentially harm the kid. In short, YOU ARE THE BOSS. :eek:

2. Freedom
I didn’t mean that having a baby means that you a prisoner of some sort, but based from experience, and being a paranoid mom, if no one’s looking at my daughter, I would personally feel very worried and would want to keep my eyes on her 24 /7, making sure that she is safe and all. I want to know all my baby’s actions will not lead her to any harm, I think I’m becoming an overprotective fool. But with a babysitter around, at least it makes me a bit relaxed as I know that I’m paying her to keep an eye on my baby.

3. Friendship and Trust
Admittedly, keeping a babysitter or a maid at home means that you trust the individual not to rummage at your things or steal from you, and of course, this is where friendship starts. Keeping close bonds with your babysitter / maid would also mean that she will take good care of your kid and protect your baby with all their heart. This is what I experienced with my first maid. We became close. I took her to malls, provinces, trips, etc.  We cook together, and eat together. I made sure that she was with us when we went out and had family outing. I even cried when she decided that she needed to leave us for a work abroad, I didn’t agree at first, but since it was her dad’s dying wish, out of respect, I finally said yes… (I miss you Ate Lyn!)


1. Salary
How much? I pay my babysitter / maid P3,000 a month. Hmmm, that’s almost quarter of my monthly salary. Some families pay more or less depending on their financial status in life. Most people would say that it’s just a waste of money…

2. Theft
Having this perception is common when you have anyone who is “unfamiliar” around the house. If a family member can commit theft around the house, what more a babysitter / maid? I’m not saying that this always happens (thank God it never happened to me), but there certainly is a risk.

3. Immediate Leaves
Taking day-off when you least expect it. Not that I’m against it, but it’s still better to at least tell the employer before hand to arrange their scheduling.

4. Advance Pays
I hate these so much! I know that some of them are for emergency reasons, and I totally understand that, but in my case, I’m not working for my maid, I’m not working to give all my money to my babysitter. I need the money and I’m sharing part of it as her salary is enough for me cope up with my financial status, but giving her 3 months in advance from my salary? :sad:

Well, here are my share, please do share yours to me! I wanna know you inputs.

4 Replies to “Babysitter, Maid, House Help : Good or Bad?”

  1. One of my former co-teacher’s maid has stolen from her. The maid asked to finish her contract stating that she’s planning on marrying her guy. Now, this maid did a general cleaning and my co-teacher was pleased, she didn’t notice anything missing coz everything was neatly placed and organized. When the maid left, she had more luggage than she first had, turns out there were some clothings that the maid thought she didn’t need and took it for herself, including baby dresses. 😕

    1. Yikes! It was the other way around in my case…

      I had a maid before which I was giving some of the clothes to her, but she refused because she thinks that I may still be able to use them… 😛

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