My baby Julie Rayne owns quites a lot of toys, from pre-owned ones — yes those are the ones that I used when I was her age, and some are from her uncle Joshua (my little brother), to new ones like her oh-so-favorite stuffed Barney, and Lumpy. I was doing some major cleaning and found most of her toys not suitable for her age, some are those mobiles that are usually used to put a baby to sleep, some are toy magnets, but most of them are still usable like crayons, and pencils.

Recently, she is very addicted in coloring materials like colored pencils and crayons, and I took pictures of her doing her thing, and she looks so cute being so serious in drawing and coloring, lookie here:

*Sigh* She’s really growing up so fast…

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  1. so cute baby.. I suddenly remembered my baby too.. Sounds like my daughter too, she has a lot of toys from hand me downs, others were given by her titas and aunts, and others were really bought by me and her dadi..

    Hey, good milk for her too.. My Ali uses Gainplus too..LOL..

    and btw, her name is cute… :mrgreen:

  2. Thanks Shelo! Yeah, she’s been drinking the milk “series” from Similac to Gain to Gainplus thanks to her pedia. 😛

  3. @Sherry: Naku! No plans yet… 😛

    @Janice: She’s 1 year and 7 months. 😀 and thanks for the visit.

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