Baby Things 4 U

It’s my little nephew’s 1st birthday today, but the party will be held tomorrow. It will most likely a very big birthday bash once again since they are a family of wealth. Now it makes me a bit insecure because I wasn’t able to invite them during my baby Julie’s birthday bash, since it was a one day preparation. Now, I wonder what I should give my nephew for his 1st birthday. I think I should give him a great gift at least.

I was looking around the internet for something that will be great for a 1 year old baby and I stumbled upon a cute website that offers quite an assortment of baby stuffs like baby pushchairs, pram, different types of pushchairs like for twins, triplets, or the usual single ones, some car seats and carriers, bath time products, nappies and shoes, there were even teethers, and breast feeding equipments! These are just some of the products babythings4u offers!

I wonder if I should get the toys that they have in their catalogs. They have this little playground which is really cute and cuddly. You can play with your baby on the little playground and keep him / her occupied for a long time. 😉 It really amazes me to see a lot of baby things. It all kinda started when I became a mom. All I wanted was cute stuffs for my baby Julie, and now that my little nephew is celebrating his first birthday tomorrow, and of course we are invited, I want him to get these cutey stuffs as well. b4uing1

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