Baby Julie’s Pictorial

A while ago, baby Julie had her first ever pictorial at The Picture Company located at Rockwell Powerplant Mall. I was asked by my niece April, who is currently training as a photographer at the said company, to make Julie her model. I agreed of course! It was one of the most unforgettable experience. Why? Well here’s the story…

Baby Julie – sick of roseola (or tigdas hangin). Got her checked up this morning and asked her pedia if it’s still okay to pursue on the pictorial. The pedia said it was alright. So of course, a mom like me who loves taking picture of my baby, got excited! After the check-up, we went back home and freshened up baby Julie (bathe her, fed her her favorite Cerelac meal, and put her into sleep). So came around 2:30pm, we went to PowerPlant for the pictorial (btw, thanks April!), and as soon as we got there, baby Julie bumped her head on the floor (diving position… ouch!) She cried of course, thus ruining the entire mood. LOL! It was really hard taking pictures of her alone. So I needed to sit beside her while she took her pictorial. But the thing was, she was also annoyed of me (wonder why!!???), she prefers her yaya (sob sob). Not long enough, we finally took some good shots.

After the pictorial, we ate at Kenny Rogers (yum YUM!). Then, we waited for a cab. Bad news was… it was raining really hard! Lightning and thunder! YIKES! Good thing the taxi driver was good enough to be considerate knowing that we have a baby with us, and didn’t hesitate to drive us home. Since the cab driver lives in Cainta, Rizal (which is very far from our house) I gave him extra payment for the service. I felt light and happy.

So the picutre? Well, I’ll be getting it next week. April will just drop it off here in our house. Thanks Shobs! Stay tuned and let’s all wait for the picture! I’m so anxious to see the outcome! ^_^

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