Baby Julie’s FIRST STEPS

June 12, 2008… My eyes got teary as I was witnessing my baby Julie’s first steps! It was wiggly but she can manage to “baby walk” for 3-5 steps without anyone or anything supporting her. Gosh… My baby is growing up so fast! It got me so excited but at the same time, there was a little “it’s hard to believe” sadness inside me… I just can’t believe that my baby Julie is growing up! The transition from the little baby who was once inside me is now starting to walk like a little girl…

I never knew that being a mom feels this way. There are few drops of tears in my cheeks as I write this post, and good thing hubby is taking a rest. Sometimes I’m very excited and I couldn’t wait to see my baby do new stuffs, but whenever she learns how, it gives me this sad but happy feeling. I don’t know… It’s really confusing… I think almost all the moms out there feels the same way as I do when they first saw their baby walk his/her first steps.

If I get the chance, I will video baby Julie and her wiggly first steps to show the whole world!

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