Baby, It’s Cold Outside: Wintertime Exercise Hints to Warm Up Your Routine

Though life takes a busy turn during the holidays, it’s important to keep up with your exercise routine in the winter months. Why wait until January to tackle the weight you want to lose? Exercise can help circulation, which will help your body work more efficiently to keep you warm in the cold months. It can also help with stress as the obligations increase.  Exercise can also be more difficult in the
winter months, because in the colder states or in rainy states, you can’t just step out your front door and go for a run. This winter, try switching up your normal routine by taking plenty of vitamins and exercise to help navigate the busy holidays and stay warm.

If you’ve been meaning to try hot yoga but lack the confidence, now is the time. Imagine walking into a studio out of the cold and using the first 30 minutes of your work-out to let the warmth seep into your body. Hot yoga is a fantastic workout that burns many calories and makes your muscles feel amazing. The key to being successful with hot yoga is being prepared. The morning of your class, fill up a large bottle of water and put it in the freezer. It should be frozen close to solid before you enter a 90-minute class. The solid block of ice will melt quickly in the class, but it will keep the water cool and refreshing while you’re in the class, which will be a welcome relief.

Be sure to drink plenty of water in the days leading up to your classes in order to prepare your body for all the sweating—and the loss of toxins. Also, be sure to eat a light, healthy snack about two hours before your class. Don’t eat too much though – just enough to hold you over.

For a fun twist, add ice skating or cross-country skiing to your exercise routine. Skating laps around a rink is a fantastic cardiovascular exercise, and you’ll enjoy doing it. Cross-country skiing is a forgotten art that is an incredible workout. If you don’t want to invest in a bunch of expensive equipment, used skis, poles, and boots should be readily available at local second-hand stores or on the internet. Just find a park with an open area and enjoy! You’ll work up enough warmth to forget its winter.

Paige One writes a variety of articles, from fashion to fitness. Warm up your wintertime routine and stay warm all winter long.

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