Apartment Moving Tips During Coronavirus Pandemic


Apartment moving is complicated, whether you choose to hire professionals or handle it on your own. But if you have no choice but to hire a company to assist you with moving to a new apartment for rent in Farmington Hills during the coronavirus pandemic, you might feel even more anxious when you figure out how to remain as safe as possible throughout the intense process. Here are some apartment moving tips that you need to consider:

  • Proceed with extra precautions.Being extremely careful is definitely crucial at this time because we are in the midst of a global pandemic. If you want to proceed with your move, you should proceed with extra precautions. These days, we should be more aware of our surroundings and interactions with others. It’s also a great idea to keep disinfecting wipes handy during your move so you can wipe down areas that are frequently touched by the movers to make sure they are germ-free afterward.
  • Don’t use recycled moving boxes. Now is not the right time to be picking up free moving supplies from places that are recycling them because you’re not sure where it came from and the COVID-19 virus can live for several hours up to 24 hours on cardboard. So, if you already have some boxes at home, it’s okay to use them but if you need extras then you’ll definitely need to buy new boxes.
  • Consider moving on your own. Hiring professionalsmay feel like a more of a risk than you want to take on moving day while moving on your own requires more time and work but you know it does minimize contact with other people.It’s better to move by yourselfwhenyou don’t have anything too heavy to move and you have some friends around who can help.
  • Provide hygiene products for movers. Make sure to leave out products that they can use while they transport your items, including soap by the sink and hand sanitizer by the door they’ll be entering through. But if you’re really concerned about having enough supplies, you can also let your moving company know so they can be sure to bring them along for use during the move. Additionally, you can also have extra masks and gloves you expect your movers to wear for protection.
  • Contact your movers and ask some questions. Before you consider hiring a moving company, try to find out first how the coronavirus pandemic has altered their protocol. You can also ask them how often they are monitoring the health of their crew members and what kind of supplies are being made available to movers on a daily basis. Try to communicate openly with the moving company and request transparency regarding their workplace practices during this time.

Furthermore, let the moving company know right away if anyone in your family is isolating due to exposure or experiencing coronavirus symptoms. It’s very important to keep everybody safe. And in most cases, your moving company will still work with you, but of course, they’ll need to put additional protocols into place to protect their workers.

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