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Another Food Galore Post

October 24, 2008

If you’re hungry, you’d probably kill me…. LOL!

Another food escapade, and not just any dine-in, but an EAT – ALL -YOU – CAN Japanese, Filipino and American food, that’s Saisaki, Kamayan and Dad’s all in one! For only Php480 (roughly $10), you get to eat 3 different types of buffets!

What I ate a lot was the Japanese foods like sushi, sashimi, tempura, gyoza, etc… Ohhh YUM! And of course, here are the pictures of our eat-all-you -can escapade! ^_^

Saisaki buffet

Shrimp Tempura, Gyoza dumplings, and free stuff toys (YES FREE!)

Gyoza yummy! Drool…

California Maki, Tuna and Salmon Sashimi

Oh yummy….

Nachos and a slice of Sweet Ham

Carbonara and a big slice of Turkey

Kamayan Buffet

Saisaki Buffet

Dads Ultimate Buffet

I’m planning to eat right now… But somehow, I want to eat at this ultimate buffet tonight… (wishful thinking) ^_^

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