Annoying Comp & Ben

GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!! Our Human Resources Management team is really annoying! Here’s why:

During our contract signing, we were given a list of requirements to submit it to our Compensations and Benefits (Comp & Ben) team within 7 days of date of hire, if not, our ATM’s will not be released, in my case, my date of hire was June 30, 2008. It was a good thing that I have acquired all the requirements before the 7-day period.

So I tried to pass the requirements on July 2, just 2 days after my date of hire, take note of the word “tried”. When I arrived at the 32nd floor of the building, where the Comp & Ben office is, I handed my envelope which includes my requirements and guess what they told me! They asked me to submit it to the 31st floor, where I signed the contract. I got a bit pissed because everyone told me to pass the requirements to Comp & Ben. Anyways, I went down to 1 floor and passed it to the company’s front desk.

Few days after, our trainer told us to get a hold of our requirements because a representative from Comp & Ben will visit our training room to get the requirements on July 17 (just a while ago) – which is MORE than the 7-day period. My teammates have their requirements with them because when some of them tried to pass their requirements to the Comp & Ben office, they told my teammates to just hold on to them and someone from their office will collect them. WHY DIDN’T THEY TELL ME THAT!?!?! So when the representative came, she asked for everyone’s requirements, including mine. I told her that I already passed mine last July 2. I thought everything will be alright and that she will hand me my ATM, but to my shock, we didn’t see my name on the employee list! What the F***! I explained to her that I was supposed to be hired together with the last batch, but due to the D&C (raspa), I asked to be hired for the next batch (which is the batch I’m in right now). She told me that my name could probably be in the last batch’s list and that she needs to check on it, and asked me to go to the Comp & Ben office tomorrow. In my defense, they hired me on June 30, they should at least moved my name to that batch! I guess they never heard of the “cut and paste” syntax!

It is really annoying that they even gave out a 7-day period but they never followed their own rules. SUCH ANNOYANCE!

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