Almost TWO Days Of Not Blogging

I miss my blog so much, it’s as if I’ve been away from my home for ages. It’s a bit exaggerated but I really do feel as if my blog is my home. I guess because I feel so comfortable here as I share to the world the happenings in my life. My blog is also where I could turn to most of the time when I need to vent out my anger or disappointment on something or more often than not, someone.

Anyways, let’s start off on why I wasn’t able to blog for two days. My cousin Joanna from China visited my little house. We did a lot of catching up and did a lot of chit-chat! I learned that she’s engaged with a German guy named Atilla (I hope I got the spelling right), and she’s going to Germany to learn their language! Cool eh? So after our little babbling session, she wanted to do shopping with me along with the baby. Although it is a very tiring to carry the baby around while doing shopping on a crowded Ongpin street, I still agreed because she’s one of my best cousins. After I dressed baby Julie up, I took a shower to get ready. As I was taking a shower, Joanna took photos of baby Julie (by the way, she is a photography student). After I got dressed up, we went out and went to Seattle’s Best to take a chill for a while, man we were hungry! I had pasta (ooh I love pasta!), and she had pancakes (they serve 3 big pieces of pancakes!). Together with those food are some milkshakes. After the chilling, we headed to some stalls in Avenida, she bought some baby clothes for baby Julie Rayne and bought herself a pair of shoes and a bracelet for her friend. We did rounds on the stalls and eventually we got tired. So we went straight to my house. We rested our sore bodies in my bed and looked at some of our family pictures. It brought back a lot of memories, most of them are good ones and some of them are embarrassing.

So there, after those, I walked her back to her loft. As I got back here in my home, I felt like a soggy vegetable. I couldn’t even raise my arms anymore. So I just ate dinner with my husband and went straight to bed and got some ZZZZZzzz’s.

Here are the photos of baby Julie that my cousin took, check them out!

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