After the D & C

For those who doesn’t know what D &C means, just go to this post.

To be honest, while I was in the operating room, I was so scared that I literally wanted to go out of the room and run off. But good thing they gave me shot of sedative to make me fall asleep while doing the D&C.

When I woke up, the operation was done and I didn’t even felt anything! Not even a slightest pain whatsoever. I thought that they tricked me or something, but after few minutes I felt somewhat different, I felt tired and dizzy. My world was revolving around as the doctor talked to me. Asking me some personal information. I can’t even talk straight! Like my lips were numb or something.

After a while, I felt better and I was able to stand and walk straight. The bills were settled (by my dad) and I came back home.

Surely it didn’t feel anything, but after few hours, I felt a little bit of pain around my belly, then my mother told me not to forget my pain reliever and some medications. So basically, it was all because of the pain reliever that’s been keeping me away from the supposedly pain.

So now, I must rest at home for around a week or two, before I can go on to work again. Which means I will have no salary for almost a month, but I get to stay home and play more with my baby Julie Rayne!

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