Advantages of a Professional Carpet Cleaner

Over 51% of the floors across America–business and residential–are covered by carpet. Plush carpeting not only looks and feels great, it also acts as a giant home air filter to trap airborne contaminants and debris. But every year or so, those carpet fibers and padding need professional carpet cleaning. Isn’t vacuuming and DIY spot cleaning or portable steam cleaning enough? Absolutely not. And here’s why.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Eliminates Harmful Indoor Contaminants

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Americans spend up to 90% of their lives indoors breathing in air that may be up to five times more polluted than outdoor air. Typical pollutants include:

·      Carbon monoxide and tobacco smoke

·      Pet dander

·      Bug casings

·      Mold varieties

·      Ozone from chemical cleaners and solvents

·      Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

Portable systems have neither the extraction power nor the heat building abilities to lift and neutralize or kill the offensive contaminants to restore thorough cleanliness to your home.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Can Reverse Allergies

One human body contains over 16 trillion skin cells. Over the course of a day, we lose over a million of those. That equates to 30,000 and 40,000 skin cells falling from your body hourly, many of which end up embedded in your carpet. And what feeds on those? Dust mites. You can’t see them, but there are millions of dust mites scattered within each cubic inch of carpeting. While most people think dust mites cause allergies, the truth is far grosser: it’s really their excretions. Vacuum cleaners and portable cleaners won’t get them all out, but high-powered professional services can.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Can Remove Even Tough Carpet Stains

You might be able to spot treat traffic marks and remove some surface stains on your own, but life is messy. Whether hubby spilled red wine in front of the couch or the grandkids ground their grape jelly coated fingers into the carpet, there’s no reason to continue to hide the evidence month after month. Portable steam systems and harsh store chemicals can do more harm than good, essentially grinding the stain in deeper or causing it to spread. Professional cleaners, however, can confirm their ability to remove it, supply all equipment, and guarantee the safety and efficiency of the job.

Professional Carpet Cleaners Are Certified and Fully Trained

Not all professional cleaners are equal, so ask for proof of their certificates and qualifications. The most competent cleaners are certified and fully trained as well as bonded and insured. They have a solid base of satisfied customers and they know which chemicals and equipment to use for specific requirements. True professionals will prioritize your needs, so your home is cleaned correctly and competently the first time.

Professional Carpet Cleaning May Save Your Warranty

Many carpet companies post their warranty requirements on the backs of sample patches and they expect customers to understand and follow those requirements. One of the main warranty for newer carpeting is specifically times professional carpet cleaning. Most manufacturers suggest this be done every 12-18 months at the minimum. Having your carpet professionally cleaned will maintain the fibers and padding, reduce allergens, cut down indoor pollutants, remove stubborn carpet stains as they occur, and help ensure you get many years out of your investment.

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