Advance Thank You

We are still not sure if I’ll be winning the contest as one of the top 3 (although I really am aiming for the 1st place! 😀 ) Anyways, this post is all about saying thanks for those who voted for me as of June 30, 2008 5:21AM my time (GMT+8).

Here are the names of whom I KNOW who voted (either through the chatbox, through my Yahoo Messenger, or through commenting to my posts. ^_^ YAY!) So if you think that you’ve voted for me, please tell me, so that I can post your name. =)

Remember: This is based on my timezone 😉

June 29 voters:

—From posting a comment—

Cidão said…
I hope you win!!! :o)

Juca said…
My vote already was computed! Good luck! 🙂

Tammy said…
I voted for you! Hope you win! :o)

—From my chat box—

hi! I have voted u ! 🙂 all the best!

Automotive Clip
hi mom,… I voted u !..

hi voted you! 🙂

voted for you mami maricel! heheh and gave ur balloon a boost! can you boost me as well? thanks! hehehehe

hi! just voted for you!

casted my vote for you today, will do again tomorrow and the following days. take care

Hi Maricel! I have made my vote and tks for the visit! good luck! muah!

just voted! Have a happy Sunday! 🙂

voted for ou already sis 🙂

done voting for you, and thanks for stopping by my blog

browsing here and voted for your blog.. 🙂

hello sis been here and voting for you! take care always, have great weekend and see yah!

done voting sis… good luck

here to vote for u! best of luck. 🙂

i voted you:-)

done voting for you. good luck!

voted 🙂

voted sis..

r J
sry for l8 reply, it’s quite a busy these days hehehe… voted u already 🙂

hi ! ive voted for u 🙂

voted 4 u sis 🙂

—From my YM (sorry I wasn’t able to save the messages…)—

Mommy Ruby of Pinay Mommy Online

June 30 voters:

—From posting a comment—

Tammy said…
I just voted for you again and I see you are not that far behind number one. :o)

Mommy Ruby said…
ok lang mommy mars…i hope you win!!

jHeLea said…
hi mars…voted for u already…i’ll drop a vote for you everyday starting today

—From my chat box—

hi voted for you and added your businessmars already thaks

voted for you today…

cecile: done adding you, votd for you, too today :-)

maricel anderson: hey mama..i voted twice. and will be voted again as soon as i have time..thanks

Ennah: Hi! Voted you. Good luck!

I-Exhale: Just voted for you!

bloggista: hi. cast my vote for you. Goodluck!

gles: hi! hopping here and just voted for you again! goodluck!

Emjei: hello again, hope you’ll win.. gud luck! :)

Mommy Eds: voted for you sis! ;)

cecile: done voting for you, pls add my new blog http://simple salamat :-)

pinaymama: voting you again mommy cel, passing by…

—From my YM—

EJ of Bacon Gaming

Domingo of The Weakness Inside

July 1 voters:

—From posting a comment—

—From my chat box—

Automotive Clip: how r u today mommy… i vote u again…

eunice: hi sis! i’ve voted for u. pls vote for me again too!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

emcee: voted for u today,hope u win. :)

C: i voted for u already! :)

Emjei: hello.. voted for you! :) good day..

cecile: here’s a visit for you and to rell you that i am done voting for you for today :-)

beyond rave reality: Hi Maricel, Voted for you. Have a great day

cencealed mind: of course naman I voted for you Maricel. Thanks for the visit

vicy: Just voted sis..

KCee: voted today! :) Goodluck!

pinaymama: hi mommy voted u na! good luck!

mely: I voted 4 u!

—From my YM—

July 2 voters:

—From posting a comment—

Kaka said…
Hi, I voted for you! Goodluck!

MIRA said…
Cast my vote for today, goodluck!

Anonymous Kaka said…
Hi, I voted for you! Goodluck!


—From my chat box—

Automotive Clip: voted u today!

lara: dropping by to vote for momhood moments.

gles: hi! just voted for you! goodluck!

Zriz: voted! :D

Mommy Reese: Hi, I’ve already voted for you!!!

cecile: just did vote for you today :-)

katelove’s: Voted you sis!

greenrose: I voted for you. Thanks for the visit.

Ka: hi, I dropped EC and vote 4 u.

lisgold: hello, visiting you here and voting you as well…

—From my YM—

July 3 voters:

—From posting a comment—

Blogger MIRA said…
Cast my vote for today, goodluck!
Random Thoughts
Mira’s Web Journal
A Moment to Exhale
Time of Respite
My Kitchen Table

Blogger Tammy said…
I voted for you again today. Maybe you could put the poll as a sticky post on the top so it’s easier to find to vote. :o)

—From my chat box—

Automotive Clip: just vote you for today…

toni: hi..i vote ur’s so cute and nice web design…feel free to visit my blog too thanks.hav a nice day. :)


—From my YM—

July 4 voters:

—From posting a comment—

—From my chat box—

gagiers: hi, i voted you again:-) have a wonderful evening

jhelea: hi mars…here to drop a vote for you again and again…..heheheh

myzizi: Thanks for dropping by. You’ve my vote. Viv

—From my YM—

July 5 voters:

—From posting a comment—

—From my chat box—

rolly: Musta, napadaan lang,voted 4 u, exlinks,

aeirin: voted for you.. happy weekend

—From my YM—

This is for all of you >>>>>>>

If you know that you voted for Momhood Moments as the Filipino Blog of the Week (Wk.115), just drop by a message in any of my posts, or leave a message in my chat box! ^_^ YAY!

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