Too much of something can be bad for an individual. Just try asking someone what their favorite thing in the world is and they would automatically have something to say. As for me, I cannot live without the computer and the internet. Although I can be happy with a computer in front of me, but when it is not hooked up to the internet, I’d rather go read a book just to please myself.

There was this one time in my life when my computer broke down and I had to take it to the repair shop, it was there for almost a week, and I have never felt so depressed before. It was like losing someone important. I would walk around, call up the repair shop every day just to ask the status of my computer. I even cried during those days! I bet if my laptop broke down, I’d rather sleep in my friend’s house just to be able to use the internet! I am also considering buying a wireless router so that I can bring my laptop out to our garden as I relax and blog.

Gosh, if the internet were a drug, I think I really need to be in a drug rehab. But I guess, internet is not much of a “bad drug”, or maybe I’m just saying that because I’m taking it?

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  1. hi…
    thanks for droping by on my blog. Have replied to your comment. Will be mailing you my banner link soon…

    About this post…even i cannot stay without my computer and if you find that rehab…lemme know…i will join in… 😉

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