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Added Pounds This Christmas

December 26, 2008

What did you do this Christmas? Here in our small household, since my mom’s not with us (she went home to Zamboanga), I did the cooking for our Noche Buena (Christmas Eve dinner), and since there will only be 4 of us who will enjoy the dinner (that’s my dad, my hubby, our helper, and me), I just cooked simple yet satisfying Noche Buena. My hubby and I went to a grocery store to buy the ingredients that I’ll be preparing, this is actually a last minute thing.

We bought Queso de Bola, 1 kilo marinated chicken, 1/2 kilo chicken breast, pasta, spaghetti sauce, and cooked ham. See how simple it is? However, would you believe that what I prepared was too much for the 4 of us? Well, I guess that’s because I prepared too much as well. Anyways, here are the pictures of what I prepared, in fairness, they all tasted good! ^_^

After I ate, I felt like I just gained 5 lbs, and would seriously consider taking Apidexin for fast diet solution, or maybe after New Year since I’ll be eating a lot again this New Year. It’s just so easy to gain weight but so hard to lose them. I really wonder why… ?_?

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