Ad Bannner Size Changed

As you can see, instead of the usual 125 x 125 ad space that I have on my right sidebar, I changed it to 100 x 100. The main reason why I needed to change the size is to make sure that 3 ads will fit in one row in this new layout. Don’t you agree that it does still look cute? Although the rate is still the same, it’s still affordable! If you want to check out how cheap my advertising rate is, just click HERE!By the way, why the sudden change of layout? Well, honestly, I wasn’t really planning to change my layout anymore because I was contented with my old layout, however, last few weeks, I went to a computer shop to print my resume (tell you later why ^_^), and I visited my blog. I saw that the resolution is different from what I have here in my lappy and it looks so dull. The background was not showing anymore and most of the color I saw was white – it looks clean but I really want to have some color see a colorful background, so I decided to change my layout. You may see that the layout is almost the same as my favorite mommy blogger – Ruby, and yes, I do admit that I got the idea of this layout through her blog as well. Anyways, I hope you like the new look and for my site’s banner, HUBBY will make one for me, and I made him promised to make me one! LOL! I loved how he made his digital drawing using paint, so I told him to make me a logo for my banner, and he agreed! Can’t wait! ^_^

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