Last Saturday, I slaved over the machines and dumbbells yet again just to get into shape. I did circuit (or was it super sets?! – I don’t know really). I just give myself to the trainer and let him do his job. LOL! There is this one thing that I miss doing though… using a dip machine, coz it feels like having fun in a playground. 😛

Anyways, after workout, we got to talk about a lot of “stuff”… Most of them shocking :yikes:

The day after, my whole body was aching (physically, emotionally, mentally, etc…) Honestly I don’t know if it’s because of the workout or the revelations… BLASTED!!!!! WAAAAH!

A lot of questions that I think are better left unanswered. :blank:

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  1. I already have pills and stuff for my fever, but what sorts of food and treatments are going to ease the pain for aching bones? thanks.. :heart:

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