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Got a getting-to-know-you better tag from Mommy Ruby! 🙂

1. Are you in a complicated love situation? {not really 😛}
2 . Do you hate more than 3 people?{hmmm, let’s see… I do hate someone, yes H-A-T-E!!! but not 3 people.}
3 . The last thing you drank?{water! (healthy living? lol!)}
4 . Favorite chocolate bar? {Cadbury (the ones with fruits)}
5. Have you ever tripped someone?{I’m not the type of person who would trip someone.}
6. How many pairs of shoes do you own?{I think I have only 3?}
7. Have you ever thrown up in public?{Yeah… I was drunk. LOL!}
8 . Favorite genre of music?{depends on my mood}
9. Do you like beer?{a bit… San Miguel Light}
10. What are your favorite colour(s)?{purple, pink, white, green}
11. Is anyone in love with you?{a lot! LOL!!! kidding! as far as I know, my husband is in love with me. 😛}
13.Pepsi or Sprite?{Sprite!!!!}
14. How many video games do you own?{errrrr… Can’t count them anymore! A lot!}
15. Does look matters?{not really…}
16. Are you too forgiving?{only if he/she says sorry and is sincere}
17. Do you own something from Hottopic?{what’s that?}
18. Do you own a gun?{I wish! lol!}
19. What did you do last night?{shop with my cousin}
20. Nicknames?{Mars, Chit-chit, Cel}
21. If you had a super power, what would it be?{power to turn back time… *sob*}
22 . Are you thinking about somebody right now?{not really…}
23 . Ever called somebody Boo?{nah… my boo?}
24. Are you happy with your life right now?{truth is… NO! but I have to deal with it…}
25. Do you like your hair?{a bit, except for those frizzy end…}
26 . Does anyone like you?{oh yeah!}
27 . Last thing you read?{a blog}
28 . Are you afraid of the dark?{yep…}
29 . Have you ever stripped?{hmmm, how do you think my baby was made? lol!}
30. Have you ever broken someone’s heart?{a lot. *hihi*}
31. Can you cook?{yep!}
32. Things that annoy you?{sarcasms… hate them soooo much!}
33 . Money or Love?{both?}
34 . What do you want more than anything right now?{a job for my husband and a stable life for my family… *sob*}
35. Do you enjoy scary movies?{a bit…}
36. Marriage Or Live In?{Marriage}
37. When was the last time you said “i love you” ?{a while ago}

I want to get to know more about……. YOU!!! Yes you! Anyone who reads this tag can freely grab it! Just tell me that you’re getting it okay? So that I’ll get to know more about you! Please place my link as well as your point of reference. Thanksie! 🙂

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