A WOW Stroller For Moms

Are you a mom that is having a hard time with your stroller, which gives you nothing but immobility, and is so big that it consumes a big space in your house? Then fret no more. As I was doing some researches around the internet, I found out that Mutsy has very cool innovations on strollers for mommies like me and you. I will mention just 2 of them.

First is the Slider (as shown in the picture). How is it innovative? Let me explain it to you.

1. INTERCHANGEABILITY – Usually strollers are fixed and you cannot change its functions, but with this, you can interchange the seat and the bassinet.

2. COMPACTNESS – You can detach the entire upper part from the frame, detach the wheels from the lower frame, and the remaining part can be fold up and kept in a small storage area.

3. ADJUSTABLE SEAT AND REVERSIBLE HANDLE – The seat can be tilted even into a horizontal reclining position, and the handle is also reversible giving you different ways of steering.

4. STEERING – The large swiveling wheels in front gives you the edge in maneuvering the stroller. Since the handle is reversible, you have the option to place the swiveling wheels in front or behind the stroller. Don’t forget the brakes too! They are found on both sides of the wheels.

See how cool this stroller is? I wish that I could’ve bought this one when baby Julie was still using strollers. If you are interested, here is the price of retail: Slider chassis/seat unit costs $569. The bassinet is sold separately for $190. So the complete stroller costs $759.

The second one is called the 4Rider “NEXT” Cargo, which offers the same functionality as the 4Rider, but this one has a leather handle and Cargo range of fabrics. The bassinet is great for infants, which highlights the strong handle, a mattress pad and cover, and zip storage compartments. The seat can be used with the baby facing you or the outside world. There are a lot features as well such as the removable front bar, protective hood, reclining capabilities, etc.

This is retailed as so: frame $357, seat $187, bassinet $215. Complete system $759.

So if you are a hip mom and you want to look chic together with your baby, maybe you can consider this brand as an option.

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