A Very Crucial Decision To Make – HELP!

Good day my readers! I’m having a tough day deciding about this thing… It has been bugging me ever since I got a call from a person named Anthony Lao.

So here’s the story… I got a call from a certain Anthony Lao who is offering me a very tempting job. Why tempting? Here’s the deal. At first he asked me why I declined their offer way back. I got no choice but to tell him the truth – that I have a baby and that I got no one to help me look after her. Having that said, he offered me a more lenient office time. He told me that if they would hire me, all I got to do is report to the office at 9:00am then I can stay there for at least AN HOUR then I’m free to go home. But in that one hour, I have to make myself useful to the company. That means I can make my own schedule! :p But, of course that would sound too good to be true… Let me explain to you the nature of the job offered.

I’m being hired as a sales representative. They want to hire me not only because of my course, but mainly because I speak Chinese (both Fookien and Mandarin). The company has a quota every 6 months. All I have to do is to time in at 9:00am and I can go home whenever I want to (well I have to stay at the office for at least an hour though), just as long as I have to reach the quota. He told me that I can even work at home using telemarketing! Since I have the power to fix my schedule according to the family’s needs, I think this is probably the best offer I’ve gotten so far. Not only that, the salary is pretty high as well – Php13,500 per month (no deductions whatsoever) + the commissions that I would get for selling their products.

I may not have the innate PR (not page rank, lol!) in me, but they are willing to train me, and the training schedule is flexible as well. 😀 The training period would last until they think I’m ready enough and have learned the basic knowledge of their product.

Okay, I think I have explained enough. Now, since I am more of a pessimist than an optimist, I usually tackle all the “worst case scenarios” first so that I at least be ready for them. In this situation, I have only one problem in mind – I NEED A MAID! A trustworthy helper, whom I can leave my baby Julie with. Since I will be busy talking to potential customers, I need someone to help me look after my baby, and what if in the middle of the day, there’s an interested buyer which requires me to be on-site to show the products to him? I want to be sure that I can go back to my work without the worries of who will take care of my baby Julie.

I have a potential helper in mind, and she actually wants the job badly as well! She’s my cousin (mother side). She wants to literally get out of their house because her husband maltreats her when he’s drunk (information kept for privacy). But the problem is, she has a 5 year old boy. She plans to take him with her when she works here. My worries are that my husband doesn’t really want the concept of my cousin having to take care of two kids at the same time, and that the boy has to stop his schooling for the meantime due to the incident. I do not want to be a home-wrecker (not the third-party concept ok?), that’s why I’m having doubts on hiring my cousin, although she needs the job badly to show and prove to her husband that she can stand on her own feet.

So, all I need now is a maid. I guess having this problem solve will solve everything. It’s a domino effect! 🙁

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