A Tiring Day Today

Jan. 15, 2008

Ok, since my husband is suspended and doesn’t have work today, he suggested us to go to SM Manila with Julie. So this was what happened this day:

I woke up at around 9:00AM and checked on my DailyClicks account and saw a pretty good earnings and so I waited until it became 15th of January in the admin’s country, which was approximately 1:00PM here in Philippines for the cashout. While I was waiting, I did my daily routine for baby Julie: make her a bowl of Cerelac (baby food), bathe her, then dressed her for our “family outing”. Then I watched TV for few minutes then took a bath myself. As I saw our clock stroke 1:00PM, I ran towards my laptop and requested for a cashout from DailyClicks! It was worth $18! Weee! So after that, I also posted in my favorite forum: Pinoy Money Talk, as I waited my husband to finish bathing. After all the hustle and bustle, we finally managed to get ourselves together and got ready to take off and go to SM Manila. But first, we needed to stop by Metrobank to deposit some payments to a business “partner” then go to Manila City Hall to file a late registration for Julie’s birth certificate. It was kind of tedious at first since there were a lot of people in the line and there were added requirements after we got in front of the line, but after that, I gave out a big sigh of relief. FINALLY! I will get my baby’s birth certificate.

Ok enough of the birth certificate thing. So after that, we went to SM Manila (AT LAST). We headed to Kenny Roger’s Roasters and ate a scrumptious meal, it makes me drool just thinking about it. LOL. Then we went to the department store to the toys area, where we played the stuff toys that were displayed with Julie. I could see her face light up as she gave a big smile when she saw a violet elephant similar to the one she has (look at the picture in this post), but only wearing pyjamas. I think she recognized the elephant that’s why she gave that big smile! My husband and I laughed so hard that we gave that elephant a name: Perky’s cousin! LOL!

So after few rounds around the toys area, 3 of us got exhausted and decided to go home. Well, we didn’t actually did a lot of stuffs a while ago, but it was sure one heck of a day with baby Julie!

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