A Tiny Elite Medical Team

Nature sure is filled with surprises. I just saw a documentary on Discovery Channel about a man with a wound on his foot that wont heal. When he consulted a doctor about his wound, the doctor gave him an unusual therapy…… Maggot Therapy….. The guy was hesitant but the doctor assured him that its safe, since the maggots only eat the dead tissue hence getting rid of the bacteria caused by the dead tissue and stopping the infection. After more than a month, the therapy was a success. I’m not sure if the guy has diabetes, but if he has, the wound might have been caused by his shoes. If so, the wound could have been prevented by wearing diabetic socks. This socks were specially designed to prevent common injuries or wound caused by wearing shoes. I’m really not sure if that’s how his wound originated since I wasn’t able to see the first part of the documentary. Nature sure is amazing.

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