A Tag About "I"

Oooh! I got tagged by my favorite mommy blogger! Mommy Ruby (who by the way changed her layout! :P)

The tag is all about me! Narcist mode. LOL!

I AM… Maricel! A young working mom who still has a lot of dreams in life.
I WANT… to have the best of everything for my baby Julie.
I HAVE…strict yet supportive parents, loving husband, and a cute baby Julie!
I WISH…to have a lot of money, just to be able to help my family financially.
I HATE… being misjudged.
I FEAR… the moment when my parents will leave me… :'(
I SEARCH…for the answers that I have yet to seek.
I WONDER…if I will die old and rich.
I REGRET…being a jerk sometimes.
I LOVE…GOD, my baby, my parents, my hubby, my friends, my relatives, my blog! 😛
I AM NOT…perfect. (who is?)
I DANCE…a lot! 😉
I SING…my heart out (only with people I know).
I CRY….a lot. I admit that I’m a crybaby.
I WRITE…because I want to. I write because I need to. I write for fun!
I WON…a lot of awards when I was still studying.
I AM CONFUSED…about some things in life.
I NEED…to pursue my own life first before I finally could say that I’m a happy person.
I SHOULD…work extra hard for my family!

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