A Quick Update Before Sleeping

Before I go to sleep, there are some updates that I want to share.

First, my blog has an animated favicon! YAY! Instead of the plain boring “blank white page”, I decided to change it to an animated one. I find it cute really. LOL.

Second, I got myself a blog button (or banner) which you can all grab. I decided to create one since some bloggers are looking for my blog button for link exchanges, and I think that a blog is not complete without a banner. It’s found on the right sidebar under “Welcome”, you won’t miss it. 😉

Third, I’m almost done following the Follow Me Club List on Mom Bloggers Club. I’m currently at number 225!!! Less than a hundred left! :cheer:

Now, I’m sleepy, and my baby is sleeping in our bed right now which I’m really excited about!!! I will be sleeping next to her tonight!!! YAY!!! :cheer: (It is rare since she usually sleeps in the maid’s room – as my work starts at 9PM – so she kinda has to sleep with the babysitter). So I’m off to bed now with my baby Julie.

PS: 8 more days before my Julie’s birthday and we don’t have any plans yet! YIKES! Curse you financial problem!!! 😡

6 Replies to “A Quick Update Before Sleeping”

  1. Stopping by for a quick Hi!
    Thanks for the comment on my blog. I love to meet new people.
    I’m following now.
    Have a good night.

  2. Hi, thanks for dropping by my blog, leaving a comment, and following me! Yes, I’d love to do a link exchange – I’ll add yours to “interesting sites”, on the left sidebar. My “blogroll” includes only special needs blogs and websites. I’m following you on Twitter, as well, and joined your community on BlogLog.

    Your site looks great!

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