A Quick Update Before Sleeping

Before I go to sleep, there are some updates that I want to share.

First, my blog has an animated favicon! YAY! Instead of the plain boring “blank white page”, I decided to change it to an animated one. I find it cute really. LOL.

Second, I got myself a blog button (or banner) which you can all grab. I decided to create one since some bloggers are looking for my blog button for link exchanges, and I think that a blog is not complete without a banner. It’s found on the right sidebar under “Welcome”, you won’t miss it. 😉

Third, I’m almost done following the Follow Me Club List on Mom Bloggers Club. I’m currently at number 225!!! Less than a hundred left! :cheer:

Now, I’m sleepy, and my baby is sleeping in our bed right now which I’m really excited about!!! I will be sleeping next to her tonight!!! YAY!!! :cheer: (It is rare since she usually sleeps in the maid’s room – as my work starts at 9PM – so she kinda has to sleep with the babysitter). So I’m off to bed now with my baby Julie.

PS: 8 more days before my Julie’s birthday and we don’t have any plans yet! YIKES! Curse you financial problem!!! 😡


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