A Promise I’ll Keep – Hopefully.

It looks like I’ve failed myself again in the struggle to create at least a single post everyday… I really can’t seem to think straight anymore when I’m groggy and tired from work and travel, I always tried to fight my heavy eyelids from winning but I never won, I would usually end up sleeping in bed with the laptop beside me… So now, a lot of things I would like to share but the thoughts are scrambled, yet I want to be productive these coming days, so I jotted down on a piece of paper for simple “to-do” list, or in this case “to-post” list…

1st: my tasks, some of them are a bit overdue, but thanks for bearing with me… rawr!
2nd: sudden shift change… GOOD or BAD?
3rd: venue change… (looks like a lot of changes huh?)
4th: my personal thoughts on networking (no offense intended)
5th: thinking of a new business opportunity
6th: having a BIG weight problem

I’ll start working on them maybe later or Saturday at the latest. But for now, I’ll be keeping track on what I accomplish and will try to stick to the “at least one post a day” promise I made for myself. 🙂

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