A Personality Test

Hmmm… Let’s see… So I’m more of a ISTJ (Introvert, Sensing, Thinking, Judging) person. An examiner, and a protector. AM I? Answer is… Yes. I want to examine things before I step into something, and I love protecting things that are special to me.

Anyways, I got this test tag from KCee. It was quite a long test, but it was well worth it! I got to know more about myself!

Here is the badge I got from the site.

Click to view my Personality Profile page

And here is what the site says about ISTJ’s:

ISTJs are responsible, loyal and hard working. They have an acute sense of right and wrong and work hard at preserving established norms and traditions. Because of their deep sense of duty they are dedicated to everything they do and are very dependable. ISTJs care deeply for those closest to them.

OK… And here is one of some famous quotes for ISTJ’s:

“At work, ISTJs get things done on a timely basis. They honor deadlines, and they believe in thoroughness. A half-finished joy is not a job well done. They established procedures and schedules, and are uncomfortable with those who do not do the same. ISTJs put duty before pleasure. As long as they can fulfil their responsibilities, they feel useful and thereby satisfied. Their work does not have to be fun, but it has to count toward something productive. ISTJs believe that vacations are something that one takes only when work has been accomplished; thus, at times they do not take vacations even when they could and should.”

– ISTJ – The Reliant (Lifexplore)

And… Real ISTJ people: (Oooh! I should run for President! LOL! :D)

Andrew Johnson – American President
Benjamin Harrison – American President
Elizabeth II – Queen of England
Evander Holyfield – boxer
George H. W. Bush – American President
George Washington – American President
Harry Truman – American President
Herbert Hoover – American President
Jack Webb – actor, producer
Jackie Joyner-Kersee – athlete (heptathlon)
Thomas – Christ’s Apostle
Warren Buffet – investor, businessman

So there! I am and EXAMINER! I should be a computer programmer or something (I wanted to but due to some circumstances, I can’t for now.)

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