A Lot Has Happened… Most of Them Are Not Good

Please forgive my language but let me express my utmost anger towards a guy / girl named Vipin Kumar, with an e-mail add of unique.books@yahoo.com. #$%@ YOU!!!! YOU SON-OF-A-#*&@! You good-for-nothing, Indian-aliased, low-life, being!!!! (Tagalog: P.I. mo! Mamatay ka na!) Okay, now let me do an inhale-exhale-soothing technique… There you go. So why am I so angry at this whoever this person is???

First and foremost, I want to warn everyone of the “red” person. HE / SHE IS A HACKER. Yes. An evil genius who hacked my yahoo account AND my PayPal. It started when I was trying to log-in to my yahoo account, and got a continuous error message of “username / password is incorrect”. I checked on my other email that was linked to my yahoo account and viola! I got an email saying that my password had been changed! So in short, I lost my beloved yahoo account. The worst part here is that the hacker even accessed my PayPal and made few transactions. I lost a whooping $30!!! Damn it!!! I worked hard for the money and just in a blink, they were gone. I almost lost $40 more but good thing was I saw the freaking transaction and canceled it. I got shocked with this incident that I cried so hard and was stunned as I was seeing my money being stolen. When I got myself all together, I finally realized that I can remove my debit card that was linked on to my PayPal account. So there. The end of his / her hacking career on my PayPal.

So I recently reformatted my laptop, oh God, it was a tedious task. Grrrrr…… And now, I’m reinstalling a lot of programs like YM, MSN Messenger, World of Warcraft, Chikka, etc… I’m not yet done so I’ll keep you guys posted okay?

I think I’m better now, I’ll just let bygones be bygones, and leave everything to the Lord. Karma has its own way. I know it!

9 Replies to “A Lot Has Happened… Most of Them Are Not Good”

  1. Oh, wow! Been having trouble getting into my paypal account, too. Natatakot tuloy ako. Di bale, sis, may karma yan. Babalik din yan sa kanya.

  2. haay mga sis, sinabi nyo pa… I’ll just let karma do its work nalang. hindi lang niya alam kung gaano ko pinaghirapan yung pera na yun tapos basta basta nalang niya kukunin. 🙁

  3. im sorry that happened to u, takot na tuloy ako kasi kagabi na terminate naman yahoo email ko na gamit ko sa paypal (personal account) kasi daw 4 months na akong di nag log in, nag panic beauty ko, lol! ayun nabalik naman pero ni isang email walang natira, di ko talaga namalayan na 4 months na pala akong di nag check sa email na yon. BTW, i will change ur URL ASAP. TY!

  4. thanks tess, it is indeed scary to engage in online business pero since stay-at-home ako as of now, I have no choice.

    antay ko lang na lumaki si baby para pwedeng maiwan saglit sa parents ko pag magwwork na ako 🙂

  5. keylogger ang gamit nung mokong na yun. I’ve been had before din pero egold ang ninakaw niya sa akin, chinese naman ang nagnakaw sa akin. I changed my email passwords and egold, etc..

    I reformatted din everything, don’t want to risk being online again with my millions of cents. hehe! Good to have you back with your 3rd blog, or more than that.

  6. hi kuya!!! yeah I’m starting to cope up narin… hindi narin ako makapagpost sa PMT… I’m very busy right now sa traditional business ko… 🙁 I rarely even check anything online anymore…

    don’t worry all my incentives gagawin ko parin un! ^_^ I miss you guys! :'(

  7. Hi there… I was just bloghopping from PinayMommies Community. Paano mo nalaman na sya yung nagha-hack nung account mo? ‘sensya na sa tanong but I am so dumb when it comes to these things. And it would help a lot if I would know to identify internet theft.

  8. Hi po! I experienced the same thing pero I haven’t got it back yet. How did you contact PayPal? Kasi I lost more than $100. 🙁



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