A Good Name

“A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favour rather than silver and gold.” That’s in Proverbs 22:1. Even if you do not believe in the Bible would you not rather choose a person with a good name despite poverty over someone who is filthy rich but also has a bad reputation? A good reputation includes characteristics such as being true to one’s word, being kind and helpful and not wanting evil to come upon others.

Having a good reputation over the internet is not an easy feat. Since many have tried to scam others, many are already watchful and doubtful of others who may be really good. It seems there are fewer people who are on the good side and more who want to pounce on people who do not have a clue that they are being robbed. Thus, it is not easy to swim upstream and tell everyone that you are one of the good guys. That is why personal branding is now important especially if you have a legitimate business that you manage through the internet. Do not be intimidated by the bad ones. Instead, make the effort so that people can see the good in you.

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