8 Random Facts About Me

Got it from Mommy Reese! Thanks mommy! 🙂
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2: list (8)random facts about yourself and tag (5) people.

1 – I’m a very hard to please person. (And as far as my blog goes, I’m thinking of changing the layout again!) LOL :O

2 – I love taking pictures, but I’m not too good about it.

3 – I hate make-ups. Unless required. And I don’t really know how to put make-up on.

4 – I got married at 21 – with a 4-month-old baby inside.

5 – I was a hardcore gamer. Now, I’m a pseudo career woman who only thinks about how to make money.

6 – I feel sleepy when I drink coffee. (not kidding!)

7 – I used to NEVER clean my room, my mom did that. Now I always have this urge to clean (a big change for me).

8 – I love buying cheap make-ups but I don’t really like to wear them. :p

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