5 Great Play Structures For Small Children

Everyone loves a swing set, but when it comes to outdoor play structures, you have to keep small children in mind as well. They can’t operate the more advanced playground equipment without hurting themselves. So what fun things can you give even the littlest adventurers? Here are five ideas.

1: Crawl Tubes

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that little kids love crawl tubes. Not only will they develop problem-solving skills as they learn to navigate its twists and turns, but the tubes will promote physical fitness, too.

2: Teeter Totters

Perfect for siblings and playmates, a teeter totter will teach sharing and cooperation while also providing age-appropriate thrills. It’s never too early to learn about teamwork!

3: Spring Riders

Though they may need help climbing into them, a small child can operate a spring rider with ease, guaranteeing hours of fun as they explore every animal and race car you see fit to install.

4: Playhouses

Imagination will take flight in a playhouse. With no adults directing their games, children will develop their own stories as they tend to their houses and make use of their props.

5: Sand/Water Tables

Offering more organization than a sand box, sand/water tables allow children to create and innovate without dirtying anything but their hands. Who knows how many little Einsteins will emerge from such a simple structure?

If you’re building a playground, these are just five pieces of equipment you should consider adding for the toddlers and pre-Ks in your neighborhood. Remember, little kids love playtime just as much as the older ones!

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