WOAH! I know, I know, this is crazy. But for those who are already used to the “get paid to read ads” sites, I believe that you are tired of those 1cent per click…

While I was doing some research on these sites, I found one that’s unbelievably amazing! Ever heard of 5 cents per ad??? I’m not kidding. Although I wouldn’t know for sure if they are legit, but it’s free to join, so maybe this will be a great addition to your “GPT read ads” collection. It’s called GetClix. I haven’t heard of it before, but I’m glad that I somehow stumbled upon the site. I hope that you help me too by joining under my referral link (just click on the link). And you know what? I’m being generous. If they pay me, I’ll give you incentive! Remember, after they pay me. ^_^ It would be hard to shell out some cash if it wouldn’t return to me right? It’s a fair deal. =P

Anyways. I do wish that they are legit, and they stay on to 5 cents per click! ^_^

edit (June 22, 2008) Now they changed it to 2.5 cents per click. Half of 5 cents… I guess that’s okay…

edit (June 21, 2008) Okay they didn’t stay on to 5 cents per click! They are now 1 cent per click. What a big disappointment! Really annoying….

Another site that I learned about is OsoClick. They claim that they always have 50 ads daily, and as of now, they have 51 ads ready to be clicked, and mind you, they are paying 2 CENTS each! Please don’t forget to put mymars17 as your referrer. ^_^ Hold on, if that’s 2 cents x 50 ads, that’s $1 a day! Cool eh?! Hope that they do payout too! We all do hope that don’t we? 😀

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