4 Ways to Customize Your American Girl Doll

American Girl dolls are some of the most iconic on the market, in no small part because they can be endlessly tweaked, tucked and turned into a miniature version of their owners. But where should you begin with your personalization efforts? Here are four ways to add a little personality to your next Molly McIntire.

1: Eyes

Eyes are the window to the soul, so it’s important to get the doll’s eyes right for an expressive, imaginative face. Think about things like color, shape and possible adornments. Do you want your doll to have glasses?

2: Hair

While most American Girls come with a predetermined hair color, it isn’t beyond your power to mix and match. If you want Samantha’s Victorian face but Kirsten’s pioneer braids, so be it!

3: Extra Details

There are a number of small, almost insignificant ways you can change your doll, but they add up fast to make her a one-of-a-kind creation. For example, you can have her nails painted or her teeth covered in braces.

4: Wardrobe

Dress your American Girl in whatever kind of clothes inspire your imagination. Is she going to an elegant ball? A dance recital? Does she need a tutu or a full-body gown? What about an overcoat? What about shoes?

Whether you’re buying a little girl’s birthday present or secretly adding to your own collection, these are just four ways you can customize your doll. Shop American Girl for a unique treasure that will delight fans of all ages.

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