4 Tips for Air Conditioner Maintenance

Is your air conditioner making suspicious noises? Or maybe it’s just not pumping out the good stuff the way it did in the past. Here are four simple tips for air conditioner maintenance that will keep your unit operating at full capacity.
1. Change Your Filters

This very simple problem can have catastrophic effects on the rest of your A/C. Make it a point of replacing your filters at least once a season, and clean them at least once a week.
2. Keep an Eye on the Condenser

The condenser is the outdoor part of your unit that attracts bugs, birds, dirt, pollen, ice and all other kinds of debris over the course of the year. If you don’t maintain it regularly, you’re looking at build-up that can reduce the efficacy of your overall A/C.
3. Clean the Evaporator

This is only possible on certain models where the evaporator is easily accessible, but if it is, you should clean it about once a year. Take a good stiff brush and wipe away all of the grime.
4. Have Your Unit Professionally Evaluated

When’s the last time you had an expert take a look at your air conditioner? Not only can they recommend fixes for current problems, but they can also spot and prevent trouble down the road.
These are just four tips for keeping your air conditioner in tip-top shape. Summer is fast approaching, so you’ll definitely want your unit operating without problems when the temperature starts to climb. Get more info by clicking here.

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