3 Unique Treats for Expectant Mothers

If you have an expectant mother in your life who you want to treat, it can be difficult to think of a gift that is not cliche. Here are some wonderful ideas for spoiling an expectant mother. 

Give Her a Spa Day

Pregnancy can be a stressful and exhausting experience. Sometimes a spa treatment is just what an expectant mother needs to unwind and relax before she has her baby. The recommended best time to visit a spa during pregnancy is during the second trimester, as women will have less morning sickness but will still have almost full mobility. If you are giving her a massage certificate, make sure to let her know that it is best that she lay on her side and avoid having the abdomen massaged.

Send Her Cookies

Nothing says that you are thinking of someone like a delivery of a sweet surprise to their doorstep. Cookies are a wonderful option because they are delicious and will not melt if the weather is on the warmer side. Many companies deliver gourmet cookies. For example, if you live in Atlanta, an internet search for “cookie delivery atlanta” will show you the best companies to send your expectant loved one a box of customized cookies. 

Help Set Up the Nursery

If your expectant friend has a spouse or partner who is working or preoccupied, a great way to help out is to offer assistance in assembling items such as a crib or changing table. Having a completed nursery before the baby is born can ease worries that new mothers may have about being able to completely focus on the baby. You can also offer to paint the walls or rearrange furniture. 

With these tips, it should be easy to think of a gift to surprise the expectant mother in your life with, that she is guaranteed to love.

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