3 Hours of Visiting My Blogroll

Finally! I’m done doing my rounds. =) That was a full 3 hours of loading each and every website on my blogroll. Sometimes, I wonder how other bloggers do their bloghopping and their rounds. Do you guys really spend this much of a time just to visit all the blogs that are in your blogroll? I really want to know your secrets. Or maybe it’s just my internet connection? I’m using PLDT DSL’s Plan Php999, isn’t that enough?

How I wish I could get a T1 connection, but I really doubt that any of the internet service providers here in the Philippines will even consider providing consumers that. I guess I have to wait for 10 years more for that. Unless if I go to other countries just to surf the web faster. LOL!

Please share your thoughts. I want to know how you guys do it!

9 Replies to “3 Hours of Visiting My Blogroll”

  1. hi, i love you page it is really cute and adorable.. i don’t even want to leave.. hehehe.. its really cute…

    anyways.. as far as for me, hmmm.. i don’t spend that time to blog hop sometimes i got bored and do something else in the house… but someetimes it amazed me to read different lifestyle and stories of different people….

  2. hahaha..wow mabait.i don’t spend time sa mga ka blog rolls ko? i only respond to those who passed by that day haha..swerti nila may baby akong asikasuhin ano? drop drop nalang din ako,masaya at mabilis pang gawin.

    ty for passing by..

  3. I see… SO it really takes that long to visit all the links in blogroll! =(

    I think I should do it like half of my blogroll on the first day and the other half on the second day?

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