3 Hours of Visiting My Blogroll

Finally! I’m done doing my rounds. =) That was a full 3 hours of loading each and every website on my blogroll. Sometimes, I wonder how other bloggers do their bloghopping and their rounds. Do you guys really spend this much of a time just to visit all the blogs that are in your blogroll? I really want to know your secrets. Or maybe it’s just my internet connection? I’m using PLDT DSL’s Plan Php999, isn’t that enough?

How I wish I could get a T1 connection, but I really doubt that any of the internet service providers here in the Philippines will even consider providing consumers that. I guess I have to wait for 10 years more for that. Unless if I go to other countries just to surf the web faster. LOL!

Please share your thoughts. I want to know how you guys do it!


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