3 Days of Rest Day

I was on my 3-day straight day-off starting last Friday until Sunday, and later evening (Monday), I will resume my draining yet enjoyable work. I just hope that I’ll have sales later. I will definitely get frustrated again if I don’t.

So all I did for the 3 days was to update my blog’s layout, which I messed up on the first one, so it took quite sometime for me to finish. I haven’t done my rounds yet! OMG! I do apologize for that. I promise that I’ll do my rounds later. I was able to sleep soundly for the past 3 days, that I almost forgot to grab some opportunities. Good thing I was able to grab them before I fell asleep last night. Sigh, I wonder why I can’t stay wide awake anymore during nights and do my usual blogging when I was still a SAHM. I guess it’s because my body is not used to it anymore or something. Oh well… I just have to stay strong for this. I just need to remind myself that this is for my family.

So now, I’m cramming yet again. LOL! I know that I hate cramming and yet I keep procrastinating. So now, I’m stuck with a lot of things undone. He. He. He.

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