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2nd Place Week 121

August 16, 2008

2nd Place Filipino Blog of the Week Contest (Week 121)

And the saga continues… LOL!

2nd place yet again. It seems that this is a trend that I should get used to eh? =P

I’m just happy that I’m again part of the top 2 on the weekly contest. I do hope that this coming week (122) I will finally make it to the top. Hehehe.

But of course, before I forget, I would like to again say thank you to all those who voted for me for week 121. Without your undying support, I will never even reach 2nd place. =)

I feel like talksmart is starting to feel like I’m a regular on his contest. =P Thanks to you for always nominating me. =) It’s an honor to always be part of your contest. I do hope that there will come a time that I could grab the Number 1 badage and finally retire on this contest. Hehehe! Kidding.

Arigatou Gozaimasu! ^_^

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