2nd Place Week 121

2nd Place Filipino Blog of the Week Contest (Week 121)

And the saga continues… LOL!

2nd place yet again. It seems that this is a trend that I should get used to eh? =P

I’m just happy that I’m again part of the top 2 on the weekly contest. I do hope that this coming week (122) I will finally make it to the top. Hehehe.

But of course, before I forget, I would like to again say thank you to all those who voted for me for week 121. Without your undying support, I will never even reach 2nd place. =)

I feel like talksmart is starting to feel like I’m a regular on his contest. =P Thanks to you for always nominating me. =) It’s an honor to always be part of your contest. I do hope that there will come a time that I could grab the Number 1 badage and finally retire on this contest. Hehehe! Kidding.

Arigatou Gozaimasu! ^_^

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