2nd Place Filipino Blog of the Week Contest

I finally won… 2nd place, for the Filipino Blog of the Week Contest (Week 119)! At least I still got in. I’m really thankful to my supporters / voters, without you guys, I won’t make it to 2nd. It was a “not-so-close” fight between tataypepe and me, but I’m glad that I made it to 2nd. ^_^ My first time to actually win from a “vote-a-blog” system, even though it’s just 2nd, I still feel a winner, thanks to all of you! =)

Actually, I’m again nominated for the 120th Week! Please don’t forget to vote for me again! Of course, you will get a backlink from me, just leave a message on my chatbox or through a comment. ^_^

Weeeeee!!! Once again, thank you very much! 🙂

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