21 Days To Go Before Christmas

It’s December 4 now and it’s not long before the most awaited Christmas arrives, and I bet most of you are done with their Christmas shopping, me? Well, let’s just say that it’s not really something I do during holidays. I’m not really into shopping to start with, but I plan to buy something that I have promised myself to have before Christmas, a Sony Playstation Portable or most widely known as PSP. You might be asking why, and one of the main reason is that I plan to have my own PSP before Dissidia launches. Other reason is that I want to at least play the not-so-new games that were released before for PSP like Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core, Patapon, Need for Speed, Valkyrie Profile PSP version, etc. And of course, I’ll make sure that I get the Lavender one. Actually, I really can’t wait! How about you? Do you have a PSP? If so, which one? =)

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