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Concrete Home Improvement Projects With Immediate Impact

By on July 20, 2017

General home improvement should always include a look at the benefits of replacing or installing concrete for driveways, walkways, outdoor living areas and to protect the foundation from water damage. Below are a few ideas for concrete projects that make an immediate difference in the looks and function of the property.

Patio Additions

Adding a concrete patio is a quick way to increase the usable living space of the home. Improving the experience of outdoor activities is immediate and positive with a well-designed patio. Concrete is durable and can be installed as separate pavers, stamped, or smooth. It is one of the more affordable materials that can be used for the construction of outdoor recreation areas.

Driveway Installation or Replacement

Gravel driveways have a tendency to begin washing away from years of rainfall. It can leave areas that are sparse in gravel coverage and uneven rutting where vehicle tires access the drive. Asphalt paved driveways require more maintenance than what you might desire. Cracks will develop and potholes that need to be fixed right away to avoid the complete destruction of the surface. An asphalt needs to be sealed periodically, which costs even more money. Concrete has better endurance and is relatively low maintenance.


Sidewalks, garden walkways and paved trails to garages and outbuildings are an addition that makes getting around your property easier during inclement weather. There are a variety of shapes that can be used to mold pavers, which provide a unique look for every home. Removing old and broken sidewalk concrete and adding new will improve the looks of your home from day one. This small investment can raise the level of curb appeal to any home. The walkways will last for many years without much maintenance.

Solving Drainage Problems

Having serious drainage problems can bring about flood issues to basements, garages and storage buildings. Adequate methods to remove heavy rains and send it towards a drainage system that removes it from the property will help minimize damage during heavy storms. French drains near driveways and in basements can solve flooding problems at an affordable price. Creating cement troughs beneath the eaves of the home, or garage can help direct the water away from foundations. Excess water near foundations can cause uneven settling, which can cost a great deal of money to have repaired.

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You Might Need To Use a Furnace or Air Conditioner At Anytime

By on July 14, 2017

If you live in Illinois, then the outdoor temperature can change drastically in only a day. It is essential to call HVAC repair Chicago experts to fix a building’s furnace or air conditioner when the equipment malfunctions. The best heating and cooling companies offer routine or emergency services at commercial and residential properties. The technicians keep their service vans filled with extra parts so that they can make a repair to an air conditioner or furnace quickly. In most cases, an equipment repair is completed in one service call so that you can enjoy warm or cool climate-controlled air right away.

Technicians Understand How To Fix Different Types of Furnaces

The furnace in a business or home can stop working for a variety of reasons, including a broken thermostat or blower. In addition, a wire inside a furnace can malfunction, requiring a replacement. Knowledgeable technicians understand how to work on an assortment of furnace brands or models, and they can use diagnostic equipment to troubleshoot a furnace’s problem. After replacing a part in a building’s furnace, the technician will make sure that the equipment is operating efficiently. Before leaving a building, the technician must also verify that the venting system is operating optimally.

Have an Air Conditioner Repaired On the Hottest Day of Summer

During the summer in Illinois, you must have a working air conditioner to remain comfortable. If your air conditioner stops working on the hottest day of the summer, then you can contact a technician to make an emergency repair. Air conditioners are complex pieces of equipment that include condensers, expansion valves and condensing coils. One or more of an air conditioner’s components can malfunction, leading to hot blowing air or no air at all. However, it isn’t a good idea for an amateur to work on an air conditioner due to the dangers from the electrical wires.

Install New Climate-control Equipment

Occasionally, an air conditioner or furnace is beyond repair because the model is obsolete. A technician can help you select a new furnace or air conditioner for a home or business. With new climate-control equipment, you will notice a reduction in your cooling or heating bills. You can also have additional equipment such as a humidifier or dehumidifier installed at the same time to make a building more comfortable.

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The Small Details Of The Kitchen

By on

When you’re remodeling the kitchen, you should never ignore the ceiling. This is an area of the room that often gets overlooked. You don’t glance up at the ceiling except when the lights are on or maybe when you enter the room, making it an easy space to ignore when you’re in the middle of changing the look of the space. Instead of a blank slate, add texture with ceiling tiles, painting them in a color that blends with other colors in the room. A benefit of ceiling tiles is that they are easy to install and remove if you ever want to change the design or color because they simply click into place.

Another area you want to focus on with the kitchen remodeling project is behind the stove. Subway tiles arranged in different directions create a modern appearance. You can also get mirrored backsplash tiles or mosaic tiles for a pop of color. A home remodeling contractor can help with installing the tiles and the other details that you might not be able to reach or get just right. If you’re working on a budget, consider laminate when remodeling the counters. The texture and appearance are the same as what you would get with marble but without spending a lot of money.

Once you’ve decided on the colors for the kitchen and an overall theme, you want to start painting. Paint everything from the cabinets to the counters to the trim in the room. This is one of the easiest and fastest ways to touch up the kitchen, and painting allows you to change the look whenever you want because you’re not changing the major components of the room, such as the appliances or the flooring. Clean corners are another option when it comes to remodeling the kitchen. Install hardware that makes doors close as quietly as possible. You can sand down edges on the counters and doors for a sleek look so that everything flows along the edges of the room. While you’re softening the doors and drawers, change the hardware out so that it’s bright against the new paint scheme.

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